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Mandatory Orientations

  International Orientation General Orientation
Spring 2020 programs March 2020, in Vulgamore 301 March 2020, in Norris 102
Students are required to attend Albion off-campus program orientations.  Students may invite their parents/ guardians to the general orientation.

General Orientation.  Mandatory for students participating in any off-campus program, domestic or international.
Topics:  The goal of this orientation is to provide information about Albion College housing, pre-registration, financial aid, accounting procedures, and academic credit.  Learn how to secure classes and housing for your return semester, how to ensure transfer credit, and when/how to pay your bills and access financial aid for your off-campus semester. 
Presentation Materials: Registrar's OfficeResidential Life, Financial ServicesAccounting Office, Career and Internship Center 
Presenters:  Tim DeWitt, Health Insurance.  Drew Dunham, Registrar's Office.  Trista Geier, Residential Life.  Skip Zabel, Student Financial Services, Natalie Koopman, Accounting, Dawn Hernandez, Career and Internship Center.

International Program Orientation.  Mandatory for students participating in international off-campus programs.
Topics:  The goal of this orientation is to provide information about living outside of the United States.  Returning students will provide travel tips, dos and don't, cultural adjustment/ culture shock experiences, and dating abroad, Albion will share about health and safety protocols, insurance registration, and staying in contact with Albion while abroad.   
Presentation Materials:  OCP Orientation
Presenters:  Victoria Smith, Cameron Voss, Cristen Casey