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Petition Guidelines

Students who find that no Albion-approved program meets their academic needs may petition the OCP Advisory Committee for a one-time-only approval of a program not on the approved list.  A strong petition will include the following:
  • Student letter, approximately 200 words, that describes the proposed program.  Include how the program meets specific academic/career/personal goals; courses the student proposes to take and how they fit into the degree plan and major; review of program dates in relationship to Albion College dates; program cost, broken down by tuition/fees, housing, and other costs; housing arrangements; on-site support services; extra-curricular activities and excursions; any other information relevant to the evaluation of the program.
  • Student statement of other Albion-approved programs considered, and why these would not meet the student's needs.
  • Academic department chair and/or academic adviser letters of support, including their assessment of adding a new program.
Submit petitions within your Brits Abroad application.   It is advisable to have a secondary choice, in case your petition is not approved.  Allow for 1-2 weeks for committee review.