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Landrum Global Studies Fellowship

The Landrum Global Studies Fellowship will be offered to engage a student(s) in a self-designed, Albion-approved study abroad program, administered by the Director of the Center for International Education (CIE). The Endowment will support a sophomore or junior student(s) pursuing an independent, international study program in a non-western country (i.e. Asia, Africa, China, Latin America, Mexico, or the Middle East) for a summer, or a semester or longer, with students immersing themselves in the culture of the country. During their experience, the student(s) will receive mentoring, advice, and support from a faculty member or qualified staff. Landrum Fellows will share their experience with underclassmen who are considering applying for a Landrum Fellowship, as a planning, advising, and motivational opportunity. As a follow up to their experience, returning recipients will prepare and deliver an academic project on campus, including a reflections paper, supervised by a faculty member.