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Albion Study Abroad Scholarships

Financial Aid and Budgeting provides information on how financial costs will apply while studying abroad.

Albion College Off-Campus Program Grant
Only available to semester and year-long programs.  Students demonstrating financial need may be awarded up to $1500.  These competitive awards are also weighted by other factors such as program location (domestic or abroad), whether off-campus study is a requirement of the student's major, grade point average, and the quality of the application essay.   Successful essays will include:  
  • Demonstration of clear goals purpose, and connections to the study abroad experience.   Specifically, how will study abroad relate to your individual interests, broaden your current perspectives, and deepen your understanding of your field of study?  Be specific!
  • Demonstration of cultural curiosity.  Specifically, what interests you about your host culture, and what are the ways you can get answers to your cultural questions?  How will this relate to your field of study?
  • Demonstration of effective writing skills.
Landrum Global Fellowship (TBA)
The Landrum Global Studies Fellowship will support a sophomore or junior student(s) pursuing an independent, international study program in a non-western country (i.e. Asia, Africa, China, Latin America, Mexico, or the Middle East) for a summer, or a semester or longer, with students immersing themselves in the culture of the country. During their experience, the student(s) will receive mentoring, advice, and support from a faculty member or qualified staff. Landrum Fellows will share their experience with underclassmen who are considering applying for a Landrum Fellowship, as a planning, advising, and motivational opportunity. As a follow up to their experience, returning recipients will prepare and deliver an academic project on campus, including a reflections paper, supervised by a faculty member.

Kim Tunnicliff Fellowship
In support of individuals studying abroad, the Kim Tunnicliff Endowment seeks to provide Albion College students with financial support as they embark on experiential and international educational opportunities. 
  • Eligibility: Student must be engaged in an Albion-approved study abroad program. Preference shall go to a student studying in Russia, Africa or the Middle East, or to those who apply for an international program which includes independent field study or research. Preference is also given to members of the Gerald R. Ford Institute for Leadership in Public Policy and Service. 
  • Requirements: As a follow-up to their experience, recipients will prepare an academic project on campus (i.e. reflection paper, public presentation) upon their return. 
  • Read about previous fellows and their stories:  David Utrata and Sydney Roeder.
  • Highly qualified students are encouraged to apply for this prestigious fellowship.  Apply in the Brits Abroad portal after being accepted by the Albion Off-Campus Programs committee, by clicking the link above.
The Behring Scholarship 
The Behring Scholarship is awarded to a student in the Gerald R. Ford Institute for Leadership in Public Policy and Service who will study internationally through an Albion-approved study abroad program.   Eligible candidates are automatically considered, and notifications are given to the recipient(s) in the late spring semester.  No application is required, inquiries may be directed to the Center for International Education or Ford Institute.