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Credit Transfer Equivalencies

You are responsible for understanding the credit given at the off-campus program and the amount of credit you are taking.  Credit systems vary by country and even institution, and you must register for the equivalent of 16 U.S. credit hours to receive 4 units of credit from Albion College.  Students registering for more than 4.5 units for one semester of work on an off-campus program must petition for an overload of credit prior to leaving campus if their grade point average is below 3.30. There will be an additional tuition charge for this overload.  

Academic institutions use different measurements to evaluate the intensity of coursework.   At Albion College, we use the "Albion unit" system.  When studying off-campus, you may take courses on the "Semester Credit Hour (SCH)" system, the "European Credit Transfer System (ECTS)," or another system.  

These equivalencies determine how much Albion credit a student will gain while off-campus, and the expected workload of a course.  Albion students typically enroll in the equivalent of 4 Albion units each semester off-campus, though anything between 3 and 4.5 Albion units is considered full time.  Anything less than 3 units is not permitted for off-campus study, and anything more than 4.5 units will result in additional tuition charges.

Semester Credit Hour (SCH) system: 
  • 16 credit hours = 4 Albion units
  • 4 semester credit hours = 1 Albion units
  • 3 semester credit hours = .75 Albion units
European Credit Transfer System (ECTS):  
  • 30 ECTS = 4 Albion units
  • 8 ECTS is equivalent to 1 Albion unit
Contact hour system:
  • Courses with 240 contact hours = 4 Albion units
  • Courses with 60 contact hours = 1 Albion unit.  
  • Courses with 45 contact hours = .75 Albion units
University College Cork (UCC) system:  
  • 30 UCC credits = 4 Albion units
  • 5 UCC credits = .66/.67 Albion units  
  • 10 UCC credits = 1.33/ 1.34 Albion units
  • Early Start courses earn 10 UCC credits, allowing a reduced load of 20 UCC credits during the regular Fall Semester.
University of Glasgow and University of Sussex:
  • 60 Glasgow credits = 4 Albion units
  • 10 Glasgow credits = .66/.67 Albion units
  • 20 Glasgow credits = 1.33/ 1.34 Albion units
  • 30 Glasgow credits = 2 Albion units
University of Aberdeen:  
  • 60 Aberdeen credits = 4 Albion units
  • 15 Aberdeen credits = 1 Albion unit
University of Stirling:  
  • 66 SCQF credits = 4 Albion units
  • 22 SCQF credits = 1.33/1.34 Albion unit
Grenoble CUEF system:  
  • CUEF language package = 2 Albion units.  The CUEF language package provides a core language package of five classes, which instruct in oral, reading, and writing comprehension.  Each class is worth .4 Albion College units, and the five class group is equivalent to 2 Albion College units.  
  • Elective courses = 2 Albion units.  Each course is taught for a different number of hours per week, which determine the number of Albion College units earned.