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Off-Campus Study in your final semester

Planning to study off-campus in your final semester?   Albion College will apply off-campus program credit and grades as soon as the transcript is received from the Study Abroad program, AND the student completes all post-program requirements in Brits Abroad.  To ensure this goes as smoothly as possible, students should work with the off-campus program to determine when the transcript will be released to Albion College.   

Most students studying off-campus in their senior spring receive degree conferral for the May graduation cycle and are allowed to walk in Albion College Commencement.  However, this is handled on a student-by-student basis, and degree conferral can only occur after all remaining degree requirements are in place in the student's academic record via official off-campus program transcripts.  Students should consult with the Registrar's Office during the off-campus approval process, to ensure that they will meet degree requirements while off-campus.  Erik Achenbach in the Registrar's Office is the main contact for this process.   

Completing an honors or departmental thesis in your final-semester off-campus program?  Students completing an honors thesis and studying off-campus in their final semester should contact the Honor's Program/ Department to organize a thesis committee early, and make a timeline on how to meet required deadlines and dates.  In many cases, off-campus research can be applied to the thesis topic.