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Global Studies Category

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Albion is committed that students gain the following related to their global studies requirement:
  • An understanding of cultures or issues in the world outside of the United States.
  • A consideration of their connection to global issues.
  • A consideration of worldviews, power structures, and experiences of multiple cultures.
  • The ability to adapt and apply knowledge from other courses, subject matters, or experiences to the off-campus program.
Students may receive Global Studies category credit for an international off-campus experience.   To be eligible, the student keeps a journal about the off-campus experience and submits it to the Center for International Education for review, and evaluation of whether the student has met the requirements.

Journal Guidelines: 
  • Journals should include at least one entry per week of your program. There is no length requirement - some entries will be shorter (1-2 paragraphs) and others longer (1-2 pages). The purpose is to reflect upon and record what it is like to experience a new and different culture. Remember it is not a travel journal about where you went and what you did. Journals can be hand-written or electronic, but if prepared electronically they must be entered into the Brits Abroad journal function for review.   
  • Journals should include entries on at least two global topics or issues that are identified in advance. Some suggested topics are educational systems and teaching methods, marketing products to multiple audiences, migrant communities, family or friend dynamics, social justice movements, political systems, criminal justice, history and historical perspectives, etc.
  • Journals should articulate strategies to learn about those topics. Some suggested strategies are joining a student organization on a particular topic, interviewing other students, taking a history or political science class, visiting a museum and seeking your topic, reading alternative media, talking with your host family, etc.  Students can choose other topics and strategies that seem especially appropriate to the specific program and/or part of the world.
  • Journals should include at least one entry about the following: 
    • How does the country in which you are studying address the global issues you selected? How is the approach different or similar to that of the U.S.? Which approach is most effective and why? 
    • What cultural issues from the program would challenge Americans the most? This could be from your personal perspective, or a broader perspective. 
    • What power structures are at play in your new environment, in the area of politics, religion, history, or economy?  How do they impact your personal experience? 
    • How do your current courses, and what you’re learning outside of class, relate to other courses you have taken in the United States? What is similar and different about the theories, methodologies, or skills used to understand problems and issues? 
For details, see the Albion College Core Requirements.  Questions should be directed to the Registrar's Office or Center for International Education.