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Off-Campus Programs Handbook

The Albion College Off-Campus Programs Handbook provides information on the following topics:

Before You Go
Passports And Visas
Health Preparations
Pre-Departure Travel Hints
International Student I.D. Card
Luggage And What To Bring
Financial Matters
After You Arrive
Youth Hostels
Embassy And Abroad
Important Legal Matters
Travel Security
Avoiding The “I Feel So Comfortable Syndrome”
A Word About Drugs
Stds, Hiv, Aids
Academic Adjustment
Cultural Adjustment
Useful Publications
Important Websites To Check Out
Pre-Departure Checklist
If you are going abroad, you also will want to purchase an International Student ID Card (ISIC). They may be purchased online at The cost is currently $25 but that may change. The ID card is very useful for discount prices into entertainment events, museums, and for lodging. This card also includes limited accident and health insurance as well as medical evacuation and repatriation benefits.