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Non-Albion Approved Programs

A. One-time-only approvals
Under extraordinary circumstances, the Off-Campus Programs Advisory Committee may designate a program not on the Albion-approved list as an Albion-approved program for the duration of study for a particular student or group of students.

To petition the Off-Campus committee for a one-time program approval, a student should begin with the CIE Director in Vulgamore 306.  The Director will open a non-approved program petition application in the Brits Abroad portal.  Within the portal, the students will submit the following requirements:  
  • Student petition.  A strong petition will include how the program meets specific academic/career/personal goals; courses the student proposes to take and how they fit into the degree plan and major; review of program dates in relationship to Albion College dates; program cost, broken down by tuition/fees, housing, and other costs; housing arrangements; on-site support services; extra-curricular activities and excursions; any other information relevant to the evaluation of the program.
  • Recommendation letter, academic department chair.  A strong recommendation will include an assessment of the new program, and how it  uniquely meets the student's needs.
  • Recommendation letter, academic adviser.  A strong recommendation will include an assessment of the new program, and how it uniquely meets the student's needs.
B. Non-Albion-approved programs
Occasionally students choose to enroll directly in a foreign university or with another sponsored program not on Albion's list of approved programs. Applying on your own to these programs can be risky, tricky, and time consuming. However, it has been done by a few students. Here are some things to keep in mind if you choose this route:
  • You must take a leave of absence for the semester or year of the program
  • It is your responsibility to make all the arrangements for the off-campus program.
  • You must consult with the Registrar about receiving credit  for a non-Albion approved program.
  • No grades are recorded
  • You must petition a waiver of the on-campus residency requirement (last twelve units completed on campus).
  • You may not use Albion financial aid for non-Albion approved programs.
  • If you are attending an Albion-approved program or a program approved on a one-time-only basis, you must attend the program as an Albion student to receive credit.
Note that students who fail to follow College procedures regarding off-campus study, or who withdraw or take a leave of absence from Albion to circumvent existing College regulations regarding off-campus study, will not receive credit for coursework done off campus.

Students choosing to attend a non-Albion off-campus program MUST insure that the following steps are completed.
  • An "Official Transcript" from an accredited institution must be received by the Office of the Registrar upon completion of the course of study.  Programs or institutions that are not accredited or that do not have an affiliation with an accredited institution for transcript purposes, will not be considered for credit.  The Registrar can assist in determining the accreditation status of programs and institutions.
  • If this is your last semester, you must petition the Committee on Academic Status and Petitions to waive the residency requirement and file an Application to Graduate.