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Course and Credit Evaluation Form

As a student, you are responsible for:  
  • Discussing the plan of study with your academic adviser, department chairs (all majors, and any minors that will use OCP credit), and the Albion Registrar.
  • Understanding how the courses taken abroad will apply towards your overall degree requirements.
  • Completing any additional steps for study abroad coursework to be applied towards fulfillment of your major and minor requirements.
  • Communicating with your adviser if course selections deviate from your original plan of study.  In some cases a new Off-Campus Course and Credit Evaluation Form may be required.
  • Meet with CIE and/or your program liaison to identify the correct academic catalog and class listings from your program’s website.
  • Identify and discuss your preferred courses with your academic adviser and department chair(s) about how these courses fit into your graduation plan.*
  • Complete and route the Off-Campus Course and Credit Evaluation Form with your preferred courses.  It is recommended to include additional courses, for back-up if your first choices are not available.  
    • Option 1:  Print the form and collect physical signatures from your academic adviser, department chair(s), and the Albion College Registrar.  Ask any relevant questions, and get answers about how credit will transfer
    • Option 2:  Save the form with the course information listed.  Route the form for approval by email. 
      1. Email the form to your Academic Adviser.  Ask any relevant questions.  Ask them to forward the form with their approval to both you and your department chair(s). 
      2.  Ask your Department Chair(s) any relevant questions by email.  Ask them to forward the original email, with the form, your Academic Adviser approval, and their approval, to you and to 
      3. Ask the Registrar any relevant questions by email.  Ask them to forward the original email, with the form and all approvals to you. 
  • Upload the form and any relevant emails into your Brits Abroad Account with all relevant signatures (print or electronic), 
  • Submit any relevant petitions for credit to count for mode and category requirements, if applicable.**
*Some off-campus programs do not offer specific course listings prior to arrival on site.  In that case, work with your academic adviser and department chair(s) to plan as best as you can with limited information.  If the coursework changes, re-submit this form to confirm that Albion College will award the expected amount of credit.

**Courses taken off-campus do not generally count for Mode or Category requirements. Written approval from the respective mode or category committee must be obtained through the petition process for a course to count for Mode or Category.  This petition may be submitted either before or after study abroad participation. A course syllabus is required. Direct questions to the Registrar's Office.