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OCP Course Selection Form

Download the Off-Campus Course Selection Form Here.   

Students are responsible to:  
  • Identify courses they intend to take on the off-campus program.  In most cases, the academic catalog and course syllabus will be listed on the OCP program’s website for classes or listings. CIE is available to advise you,
  • Discuss with academic advisers how the courses taken abroad will apply toward overall degree requirements. 
  • Petition the academic department for study abroad coursework to be applied towards fulfillment of major and minor requirements.
  • Petition the registrar's office for study abroad coursework to be applied towards mode and category requirements. 
  • Communicate if course selections change, and the student wants to re-confirm any of the above information with academic advisers or departments.   
*Some off-campus programs do not offer specific course listings prior to arrival on site.  In that case, work with your academic adviser and department chair(s) to plan as best as you can with limited information.  If the coursework changes, re-submit the form to confirm that Albion College will award the expected amount of credit.