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Advising: Your Application

Want to meet with the Center for International Education Director (Cristen Casey) about this topic?   At the session, we will discuss the Albion application process, and how to find the application process for your selected partner program.   Estimate 45 minutes for this session.

Students studying off-campus must complete two applications. 

1:  The Albion Off-Campus Program application, submitted through Brits Abroad.  Once your advising sessions are complete, the CIE or CIC will open an Albion Off-Campus Program application for you in Brits Abroad.  You can expect to submit all documents through your account in the Brits Abroad portal.  Notes: 
  • Items can be completed separately, and do not need to be uploaded all at once.   
  • Deadlines:  Spring programs- October 1.  Fall, academic year, and summer programs- March 1. 
  • Applications are processed on a rolling basis, after a student presses the "submit application" button.  
2:  the Program application, submitted directly to the off-campus program.  Each program will have individual deadlines, application requirements, etc.  CIE will help you find the application, begin it, and will send some application materials for you if you request it.  
While individual programs may have slightly different requirements, here are some important details:
  • Each off-campus program will have a unique application process, deadlines, and eligibility criteria.  They may also have a separate application portal.  You are responsible to follow their process carefully. 
  • A copy of your Albion College transcript will be available in your Brits Abroad account, for you to send to your program provider.
  • After receiving Albion approval, CIE will complete the "study abroad adviser" form for your program.  These usually notify the program of Albion's approval, provide disciplinary checks, etc.