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Advising Session 1: Choosing Your Program

At the session, we will review Albion College's eligibility requirements.  We will identify study abroad programs recommended specifically for you, review the class lists for different programs, and discuss your specific interests.  We will review credit transfer equivalencies, and begin to identify courses to bring to your academic adviser.  Information on mode/ category petitions, credit/no credit options, and the global studies category will be discussed.   Estimate 60 minutes for this session.

Before the Session: 
  1. Review the Albion College eligibility requirements.  
  2. Identify items from your degree plan that you want to fulfill when on your program.  
  3. Consider what matters most to you in a program:  location, academics, cost, etc.
  4. Review the Academics web page, and bring questions about how studying off-campus impacts coursework, major/minor requirements, modes and categories, etc.
  5. List any special accommodations that are important for you.  Examples:  working around an athletics schedule, needing extra time for tests or papers, access to certain medical care, etc.
Stay on track, avoid academic surprises!   While all coursework earned while on an Albion-approved OCP will be applied to your Albion transcript, it is important to plan for the following:  


  1. Off-campus program (OCP) coursework may be applied to your major/ minor minimum requirements, but approval is required.  Petition with your academic department for major/minor requirements, and the College Registrar for mode/category credit.  
  2. OCP coursework that is applied to major/ minor requirements must be taken for a letter grade.  In order to be considered, a course must be equivalent to at least .666/.667 an Albion unit.
  3. Most majors /minors require a minimum total number of courses related to the major for graduation.  OCP courses that are equivalent to less than 1 Albion unit are applied to this total only at the percentage of credit granted. Contact CIE or the Registrar with questions.