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Parent Information

Parents who are helping their student study off-campus find the following information helpful. Imagining your student traveling to a new country in another part of the world is often very emotional.  Study Abroad staff help prepare each student for every step of the journey, so you can feel more comfortable with the new globetrotter in your family.  While pre-departure anxiety can often seem overwhelming, we encourage you to let your student maintain responsibility for his or her experience.  From gathering information and reporting back to you, to building a budget and purchasing a flight- these steps require students to network, think critically, problem-solve and take ownership of their choice to travel abroad. Resist getting too involved. This process helps students acquire the necessary tools to navigate the new and unusual environment they’ll encounter when they step off the airplane. By negotiating the ups and downs of travel, students gain a new level of independence. Study abroad will likely be one of your student’s greatest personal learning experiences.

If you are considering travel to visit your student it is best to meet your student after the program ends so as not to interrupt the learning process. To share in the excitement of your student’s pre-departure preparation, we encourage you to do an internet search for “What’s Up With Culture?” to learn more about culture shock, reverse culture shock, concepts of culture, and the cultural adjustment process individuals often experience when studying abroad.

If your student has problems after arriving to their program, they should first contact the Resident Director at the program. If a problem cannot be solved by someone on site, the next step is for the student to contact Albion's Center for International Education.  As challenging as it may seem at the time, this is the time to let your student do their own problem solving, spread their wings and fly. You will be amazed what they can do!