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Choosing a Program

Search Albion-Approved Programs for brochures on specific programs, with details on cost, types of program, housing options, etc.

Albion provides the following resources as you consider the right program for you.
  • Start the Advising Process, fill out the student interest questionnaire. 
  • Meet with the CIE Director or CIC Assistant Director to talk about choosing your program, costs and budgets, the application process, and travel tips.   This is required of all Albion students studying off-campus.  
  • Meet with a study abroad student peer adviser.  These students just are like you, but have already studied abroad and know a lot.  Call CIE, 629-0307 to schedule a time.
  • Talk with an Off-Campus Program Ally:
  • Your academic adviser, department chair, or key faculty members.   Use the Off-Campus Course and Credit Evaluation Form to guide your discussion about course offerings that match your degree plan.
  • A student alumna/alumnus of the program.  CIE can provide alumni contact information.
  • Your parents, friends, family.
Under extraordinary circumstances, students request to participate in Non-Albion Approved Programs.  It is important to consider the many impacts before making a choice to do so.