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Costs and Finances

Is it true that studying off-campus can be affordable, and work with any budget?  YES!  When students plan in advance and choose programs wisely, they often find they can study abroad for the same cost (or less) than a semester at Albion.  

How do students determine specifically how much they will pay?  
Start with the Center for International Education or Career and Internship Center for a basic description of Albion policies and practices.   CIE, CIC, Financial Services and Accounting all work together to provide you with an estimate of your study abroad costs, and how to make smart decisions about which program is best for you financially.  Use this Study Abroad Cost Estimate worksheet for a preview of cost estimates.

Questions for Center for International Education (CIE), Vulgamore 306:
  • Are there scholarships for studying off-campus?  Yes!  See the Scholarships page for some scholarship options. 
  • Do students pay Albion's tuition and fees, or the program's tuition?  Students pay Albion's tuition only, or program tuition if it is greater than Albion tuition.  In the cases where the off-campus program tuition is higher than Albion tuition, the student will be billed by Albion for the full program tuition cost.
  • How is Albion Aid applied?   In general, 100% of need based financial aid applies toward Albion tuition during the study abroad semester, and 75% of academic scholarships apply.   Students pay an additional $1500 Off-Campus Program Administrative Fee to Albion College for the semester in which they study abroad (fee amount subject to change).  
  • Does Albion pay room and board costs for students, or do students arrange and pay for housing on their own?  Students pay the exact room and board costs, without cost adjustment by Albion College.  Some programs arrange housing, they bill Albion, then Albion bills the student.  Other programs require students to find housing independently, and students pay the apartment or dorm directly.  For program-specific information, see the Brits Abroad program budget sheet, or contact CIE.   
  • Are there any other living expense costs- airfare, leisure travel, books, field trips, special insurance- to consider?   Every program is unique, and these extra costs are directly paid by the student to the program.  See the program website for specifics. 
  • When students apply for non-Albion scholarships, are they applied toward student costs?  Yes.  Program scholarships are either awarded directly to students, or submitted to Albion College to apply to the student's Albion account.  
Questions for Student Financial Services (SFS), Ferguson Second Floor:
  • What types of Financial Aid may be used for Off-Campus Study?  Most types of financial aid may be used for full time Off-Campus Study on an approved Albion College program.  This includes Albion College Scholarships (75% of the regular semester value), Albion College Grants, Michigan Competitive Scholarships and Tuition Grants, Federal Pell Grants, Federal Supplemental Grants (SEOG), Federal Direct Loans, Federal PLUS Loans and Alternative Loans.  International Student Grants and the Federal Work Study Program are not available to students on Off-Campus Study Programs.
  • Does Tuition Remission apply to Off-Campus Study?  Albion College Tuition Remission, CIC Tuition Exchange and GLCA Tuition Exchange are not available for Off-Campus Study.  However, students who normally receive Tuition Remission/Exchange may apply for other need-based financial aid for the semester or year that they will be off-campus.
  • Will my Financial Aid or Scholarships be reduced for Off-Campus Study?  You may use 75% of the regular semester value of your academic scholarship toward the cost of an approved Off-Campus Study Program.  Your need-based financial aid should not be reduced since your charges for Off-Campus Study will always equal, or be greater than, regular Albion College charges.  The sum of all Albion College scholarships and grants cannot exceed the billable charges for the program.
  • Can my Financial Aid be increased for Off-Campus Study?  If your direct educational expenses (e.g. tuition, room, board, travel) will be greater than the cost of a regular semester at Albion, you may be eligible to receive additional student loan funds if you have not already received your maximum eligibility for the year.  This would apply to the Federal Direct Loan program, the Federal PLUS Loan program, and Alternative Loans.  Scholarships and grants cannot be increased for additional expenses associated with Off-Campus Study, however, students with financial need may be eligible for an Off-Campus Study Grant through Albion’s Center for International Education (CIE).
  • How will I receive my Direct Loan funds when I am Off-Campus?  You need to be sure that you accept your loans in ACIS before you leave for your program.  If this will be the first time that you receive a Federal Direct Loan, you need to complete a Master Promissory Note and Entrance Counseling at 
  • Who will endorse my loan or scholarship check while I am Off-Campus?  If your loan funds are received from your lender through electronic funds transfer (EFT), the funds may be applied to your account without an endorsement.  If your lender or scholarship provider sends funds by a hard copy check, you may select a person to act as your Power of Attorney to endorse your loan or scholarship check.  This person may not be an employee of Albion College.  Power of Attorney forms are available from the Student Financial Services Office.
  • How many semesters may I use Scholarships or Financial Aid for Off-Campus Study?  Albion College scholarships and grants may be used for up to two semesters of Off-Campus Study.
If you will be off-campus for a Spring Semester, be sure that your financial aid applications are being processed for the upcoming year.  All regular deadlines still apply when you are Off-Campus!!!  If you have any questions about financial aid for Off-Campus Study, please feel free to contact the Student Financial Services Office.