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Academics and Study Abroad

The basics:    All courses on an approved off-campus program will be counted for unit credit at Albion College. Students attending approved off-campus programs are considered students in residence at Albion College and therefore it is the responsibility of each student to follow the academic regulations of Albion College.  Please refer to the college catalog for a complete listing of these regulations.  Listed below are the regulations that most frequently concern off-campus programs.  Off-Campus semesters are not considered when determining eligibility for the Dean's List and/or Albion Fellows. 

Choosing study abroad coursework:    The Off-Campus Course and Credit Evaluation Form will be used to identify and evaluate the courses that you will take at your off-campus program.   See the Credit Transfer Equivalencies page for information on how study abroad credit is weighted and compared to Albion credit.

Changes to pre-approved coursework or program participation:   If course registration changes at any point during the program, you are responsible for informing the Registrar of these changes.  If you withdraw from an off-campus program before the completion of the semester, you must notify the Director of Off-Campus Programs and the Registrar in writing.
Credit/ No Credit (CR/NC):  Your classes will automatically be recorded with the numeric grade assigned unless you notify the Registrar's Office that you wish to have courses as credit/ no credit.   If you take a class CR/NC, only the credit transfers back (not the numeric grade), thus it will not affect your GPA. If you wish to have the numeric grade, both the credit and the grade is factored into your semester and overall GPA.  IMPORTANT:  All classes that will be applied to a major/minor/concentration must be taken for a numeric grade. 
Click here for information for using study abroad coursework for Major, Minor, Concentration credit or Mode and Category requirements.  
Click here  for information on studying abroad in the last semester of your senior year. 
Contacts for questions:
If at any time you have questions about these requirements, please the Office of the Registrar through the following means. 
MAIL               Albion College, Office of the Registrar, 611 E. Porter Street, Albion, MI 49224
PHONE           517-629-0216
FAX                 517-629-0476