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Mandatory Orientations

  General Orientation International Orientation
Spring 2019 programs Wednesday October 24, 2018
4:30 - 6:15
Tuesday October 30, 2018
5:30 - 7:30
Students are required to attend Albion off-campus program orientations.  Students may invite their parents/ guardians.

General Orientation.  Mandatory for students participating in any off-campus program, domestic or international.
Topics:  The goal of this orientation is to provide information about Albion College housing, pre-registration, financial aid, accounting procedures, and academic credit.  Learn how to secure classes and housing for your return semester, how to ensure transfer credit, and when/how to pay your bills and access financial aid for your off-campus semester. 
Presentations: Registrar's Office, Residential Life, Financial ServicesAccounting, Career and Internship Center

International Program Orientation.  Mandatory for students participating in international off-campus programs.
Topics:  The goal of this orientation is to provide information about living outside of the United States.  Returning students will provide travel tips, dos and don't, cultural adjustment/ culture shock experiences, and dating abroad, Albion will share about health and safety protocols, insurance registration, and staying in contact with Albion while abroad.  A break-out session for parents/guardians will be provided, to discuss topics of specific interest.   
Presentation:  International OCP Orientation