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Center for International Education | Vulgamore Hall


Where can I go?
Almost anywhere! We have over 100 programs in 36 countries on six continents. To find the program that is right for you stop by our office or visit our website.

Do I have to be fluent in a foreign language?
No. There are many programs taught in
English all over the world.

Will the classes count toward my degree?
Yes! All classes taken at an Albion approved program come back as Albion credit. With prior approval from your department chair you can  take classes that apply toward your major. Studying abroad can also count as your global studies credit when you keep and turn in a journal.(Guidelines can be found in our office).

How long can I study abroad?
You can study for a few weeks in the summer, for a semester or for the academic year. The choice is yours.

Can I use financial aid to cover my expenses?
Yes. You can use 75% of Albion College merit-based scholarships and 100% of any need based financial aid. Meet with Financial Aid o to help with budgeting for the actual cost of your program, airfare and other fees related to your studies.
Do I need to have a certain GPA to study abroad?
You need at least a 2.7 to apply to study abroad, however, some programs have  higher requirements. You must  also successfully complete the writing competency exam before you leave campus.

Where will I live?
Housing options vary by program, some offering a room in a residence hall, some with a host family and some in a shared apartment. Meals may be in a dining hall or you may have a kitchen and prepare your own.

What is the application deadline?
Generally, spring programs are due the fall before you leave; summer, fall and academic year are due in early spring. Japan Studies and London School of Economics have earlier deadlines.

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